IB Middle Years Programme

A caring environment in which students develop responsibility for their own learning and potential.


Our middle school students are encouraged and supported to grow in all areas of their life – academic, artistic, athletic and social. During their time in middle school, students at BBIS learn to think critically in order to solve authentic problems.

To enable this, we offer a challenging, holistic and engaging curriculum from Grades 6 to 10 that adheres to the IB Middle Years Programme.


The IB Middle Years Programme recognises that students in early puberty and mid-adolescence are going through a critical phase of personal and intellectual development.

The curriculum is designed to help students participate actively and responsibly in a changing and increasingly interrelated world. It’s as much about learning how to learn as it is about learning facts.

Exploring the interrelations between various disciplines and subjects, we take a holistic view of learning that encourages students to consider issues and problems with a much wider lens. By doing so, our students quickly realise that the best solutions often come from knowledge and understanding drawn from many sources.


To help foster understanding, tolerance and awareness, our students are encouraged to consider issues from multiple perspectives and to learn about their own and others’ social, national and ethnic cultures. We’re here to help our students develop invaluable skills and intercultural awareness that they will carry with them for life.


In addition to the academic programme, students can choose from a wide range of extracurricular activities, including basketball, badminton, soccer, volleyball, athletics, Drama Club, Musical Mania, Instrumental Ensemble, Model United Nations, Debate Club, United World Schools, First Lego League and Filmmaking.


Every year, the Grade 10 students have the opportunity to embark on a Personal Project. During this six-month project, students pursue something they are passionate about – to showcase and celebrate their achievements, skills and interests.