Supporting our students to become responsible digital citizens, with a focus on creativity, collaboration and innovation.


Within the Primary School, our goal is to help students navigate the digital world safely and securely. We focus strongly on digital citizenship, and draw on the Common Sense Media curriculum to support students, staff and families.

We have a one-to-one iPad program, and are working towards gaining Apple Distinguished School Accreditation. We work closely with the team from Apple to develop the dynamic use of technology in the classroom, and all Primary School staff are in the process of becoming accredited Apple Teachers.

To help our students develop strong collaborative and interpersonal skills, we also use Google Workspace (previously G Suite). And, to strengthen the bond between home and school, we use Seesaw for progressive reporting.

There are many other ways we bring technology into the classroom – from 3D printers and virtual reality headsets, to coding tools and the very latest in educational robotics. Our students can also participate in a range of tech-related extra-curricular activities – like First Lego League, Code Club, Tinkertime and Minecraft.


With technology ever-present in our lives today, we are committed to supporting our students to become responsible digital citizens, creative thinkers and collaborators, innovative designers and computational problem-solvers. We show them how to apply their knowledge and skills in real life situations; and we support them in developing contemporary, future-ready skills.

In the BBIS Secondary School, students enjoy state-of-the-art infrastructure. To support all types of learning, our classrooms are equipped with Apple TVs, projectors and TVs, desktop computers and laptop trolleys.

We offer a BYOD program from Grade 9 to Grade 12. This way, students can use their own devices and continue to study effectively outside of formal lessons.

All students and staff have access to a variety of digital platforms such as Managebac, Google Workspace (previously G Suite), Kognity and Century Tech. We use these platforms because they strengthen the curriculum concepts and help us build partnerships with students and parents at home.

Students also have access to two computer labs and two design workshops, where they can access the latest technologies for creative pursuits. We offer Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) using a laser cutter and a 3D printer, Computer-Aided Drawing (CAD) software, Adobe Creative Suite, woodworking tools, programming tools such as Scratch, HTML, CSS, Arduino and Python, and audio and visual equipment for podcasting/movie making.