The sense of community at BBIS is truly vibrant. We welcome families from all around the world, who take an active role in our school community.


The BBIS Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is made up of parents and staff members who volunteer their time throughout the school year to help with:

  • Fostering school spirit and cooperation within the school community
  • Enriching the experiences of BBIS students
  • Bringing home and school closer together with a variety of activities both on and off campus
  • Building real and lasting friendships amongst families

Explore the PTA website to see what’s coming up and to learn more about the clubs and other opportunities.


Coffee mornings

Held on a regular basis at local cafes, homes and at school, these mornings are a great opportunity to welcome new families and to have a chat with old friends.

Special events

A wide range of activities – such as BBQs, picnics and pool trips, Oktoberfest, Dine Around the World, Winter Bazaar, Bingo, bike tours and boat cruises – give parents the opportunity to build lasting friendships.

Volunteering at school

We often help school staff ‘round up the troops’ when school programs need parent volunteers – such as Orientation Day, the popular primary school Culture Day, St. Martin’s Day and Sports Day.

Parent clubs

A great feature of our PTA is the wide range of Parent Clubs, including a Choir, Book Club, German Conversation Lunch Club, Museum Club, Men’s Biergarten Club, Knitting Club, Mahjong Club and more. We are always open to new clubs, too!

Staff Appreciation Day

Once a year, the PTA organises a special day to show appreciation for the hard work of the BBIS team.


A highlight of the year, this is a fun day for the whole family. Together we celebrate the incredible diversity at our school, with food, games and live entertainment.

Booster Club

The PTA Booster Club supports the school during larger sports events. If your children are active in sports, then you may enjoy being part of this group.

PTA Grants

Some of the activities mentioned above are fundraising activities for the PTA. With the money raised, the PTA is able to award grants, by application, to support various school activities. Recent examples include funds for school proms and graduations, a portable hydroponic garden, a 3-D printer, and various book collections.